April 30

The wolf howl

It was the day before the full moon. The greedy mean wolf’s were ready for their howl. I was not. My friends and I were going out to the farm tonight. We’re camping out at the old leany tree out in the back paddock. Then it came the night we were all set up. We were ready for the howl. Waiting and waiting for the howl. Hours past it was getting late when nothing had happened. It became dark and we hadn’t heard one howl. “Something’s wrong” my friend said, “it’s not them it’s us, we can’t hear them”. Oh!











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1 thoughts on “The wolf howl

  1. Mrs Pratt

    Dear Mia,

    The whole class has just read your story, and we really enjoyed it,
    Here are some things we liked:
    – good description of the action,Angus said he had a movie going on in his imagination.
    – we noticed a DADWAVER: estimation of time, well done.
    – we liked the fact that you wrote a scary story because we love them
    One wish we had was for you to not use the word “howl” too many times. In the last use of the word “howl”, you could replace it with “we were waiting for the spine-chilling call” instead.

    Overall a really good job, all the best from your 6/7 buddies.


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