June 28

the story of john blake

In the icy cold of Antarctica john Blake sitting behind the steering wheel not steering was in trouble. He was as terrified as a kid about to get hit in the head he screamed”aaaahhhh”. flicker flicker the lights start to flash the boot opened and i suddenly stopped. I came here but why am I going to survive?. Cautiously he opened the door freezing his poor body and started pushing the car. He was stunned he could push the big Holden Ute. Whats that smell it smells like an alive animal or bear “aaaahhhh” its a white viscous angry looking bear clawed feet big eyes and big teeth and a horribly large belly that i could fit in” “aaaahhhh”. Standing up looking angry the bear through itself onto the car and dented it. He looked at his watch the time was 12 o’clock lunch time he was hungry so he ran left his Ute and ran for his  life.

“so i ran and that’s the end of the story ” spoke john telling his story

“wow dad that was awesome” spoke his children.

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