September 4


My family went into isolation for 8 weeks so that meant we had to do school at home. Our teachers sent work over the computer to us so that we new what work we were doing they sent us a timetable of what we were doing on what day the they copied the link so that we could reach it and learn some new skills. When we got back to school it felt so different learning things on paper. If I could have done something different I would of stayed at home it was quit fun I hope things will change.

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1 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Janet Team 100WC

    You have some interesting thoughts on what it was like to stay at home for so long, Mia. I’m glad you did not find it too difficult. You describe very clearly what happened and in what order, so your story is easy to follow. I like the way you end with something positive. Yes, we all hope it will change.


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