September 24

My Book Review On This Book

The book that I would like to talk to you about today is called what not to do if you turn invisible by ross Welford. ross Welford is an author of many children’s chapter books like this book the 1000 year old boy, time traveling with a hamster and many more. . The genre of the story is adventure fiction it is funny.

This book what not to do if you turn invisible is about a character called Ethel who goes on a sunbed to turn invisible she is 12 years old and turns 13 at the end of the story. Ethel goes through the first bit of her life fine but when she turns invisible nothing is the same. this book is Showing people if they turn invisible don’t do what Ethel did.

I think that the type of reader that would read this book would be a confident and understand slang words or words that aren’t spelt wright like fanks which is thanks how we say it. My favorite part of he book would be when Ethel tries to make things right. This book is funny and adventurous I like this book because of all the hour and inpresion that the reader gives you.


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