February 26

The mouse trap

‘but where did it go?’ she shouted.

Jon and anna shouting trying to find the hord of mice. All the mice had hid behind the corner of the island bench as anna and Jon searched frantically with brooms and mops trying to find the mice. Then anna had an idea

” vacuum cleaner “.

Anna ran down stairs and grabbed the vacuum cleaner and it started sucking up the mice.

” It worked” Anna said surprised.

Their cat caelin had hid under their bed as anna and Jon held brooms and mops and vacuum cleaners. caelin was scared although they would never dared to hit caelin, she was still scared.



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1 thoughts on “The mouse trap

  1. Mrs Wills

    Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Mia! I recently saw a story on the news about a mouse plague, so that helped me to visualise your text. I love that you used a sentence fragment rather than a sentence to explain Anna’s idea. It added emphasis. I felt for Caelin, who was overwhelmed by the mice, but scared of being hit or vacuumed! Remember to re-read, and edit for capitals, and other punctuation, before you publish. 😊


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