September 24

My Book Review On This Book

The book that I would like to talk to you about today is called what not to do if you turn invisible by ross Welford. ross Welford is an author of many children’s chapter books like this book the 1000 year old boy, time traveling with a hamster and many more. . The genre of the story is adventure fiction it is funny.

This book what not to do if you turn invisible is about a character called Ethel who goes on a sunbed to turn invisible she is 12 years old and turns 13 at the end of the story. Ethel goes through the first bit of her life fine but when she turns invisible nothing is the same. this book is Showing people if they turn invisible don’t do what Ethel did.

I think that the type of reader that would read this book would be a confident and understand slang words or words that aren’t spelt wright like fanks which is thanks how we say it. My favorite part of he book would be when Ethel tries to make things right. This book is funny and adventurous I like this book because of all the hour and inpresion that the reader gives you.


September 18

chapter 3 Halloween hay bale👩‍🌾

Now were going back to the farm right scare crow. Its  nearly the end of Halloween and so we decided to go out and have dinner near the scare crow.  Well then we found out we had bet to run i sprinted and dodged the scare crow and the hay bale were alive now who’s going to have the most interesting Halloween story ever well all of them are good by mines better. Now we will eat dinner inside baked potato sausages pork roast yum. well if this wasn’t the most interesting Halloween ever then i don’t know what is.

September 10


Today on the news they said there was a tornado warning. Everyone knew that it only started later so you could see people running to the shops trying to get home in time to be safe. Gradually things started to move the wind picks up trees start falling down buildings breaking we all run down to the basement screaming we all settle down and just listen to the screeching tornado and the wind. We live on a farm so the tornado hit most of our property but not our house we are lucky about that we could have been killed.

September 4


My family went into isolation for 8 weeks so that meant we had to do school at home. Our teachers sent work over the computer to us so that we new what work we were doing they sent us a timetable of what we were doing on what day the they copied the link so that we could reach it and learn some new skills. When we got back to school it felt so different learning things on paper. If I could have done something different I would of stayed at home it was quit fun I hope things will change.

August 25

The story of a picture

This is the story of ursus maritimus. The story began when a brave explorer went on a hunt to find the undiscovered species of polar bear. Through the seasons summer hot wind sun shining brightly onto my black shirt autumn came rustling leaves cold breezes winter cold stormy and dark finally it came winter the one time the polar bears would come 21 of July I have 10 more days to get the perfect shot of the polar bear on a broken piece of ice the last day the brave explorer too the shot and he got it the best photo ever.

August 22

🔬Science Experiment 🧪

In the science lab at 5:20 am i was tired trying to figure out the antidote to a secret case of the flu. In case it was a spell I couldn’t mess it up it was to important. The ingredients are water but it cant be frozen rubber and striped tiger fur. As soon as I put the tiger fur in it exploded i was so exited after  I saw that it was a miracle. The same day at 10:00 am  the other workers came in and were so exited to see that the antidote had worked we tried it on patients and animals it had worked.

August 15

straya mate

Here in Australia it’s cold and we need an umbrella most of the time. In my place we grow a yellow bristle cactus and we take care of a zebra. The scrawny looking brainy atrociously smelly dog crept up behind me and scared the jeebys out of me why do people scare me i mean dogs scare me. This is the best day of my life not come on why can’t a simple day just be a simple day “why?”. I want a normal day god can you help me please. Shaylah  “yes” i want a normal day help me.

August 15


The day started when I was walking down the road with my scrawny looking dog and I saw a barber shop i had never seen a barber shop before it was very intriguing. Bong I hit the pole call 000 its an emergency i yelled out with great fear but when i looked behind me i saw a paramedic standing their asking me questions “your going to jail he said for calling emergency services for no reason” said the police  why is there a police i needed a paramedic  locked up in a jail sell was not very fun at all.

August 3

Ferry sinks

“Just the normal ferry job how hard could it be” spoke just a random bloke looking for a job. He is at the wheel doing his first test on the edge of gram city but he has to  take it to the other side of the river . Slowly driving the ferry to the other side it takes so long. As slow as a turtle i slowly drove across what felt like the Atlantic. Its about 12:00 o’clock lunch time 5 minutes in . This ferry is fabulous amazing it is a blue and grey  ferry the brand is ferri. Crash we hit the edge the front of the boat sinks i go down all the cars fall and slip i think i might be fired?

August 1

The funniest show ever

“Tonight you will be watching ‘The funniest show ever'” spoke the host of the tonight theater. The curtains closed the lights went of “and now its time for the first performance of the night the clowns” one after the other words came out of his mouth speaking faster and faster then the crowd erupted with laughter. The clowns look crude its like there trying to be rude. Then the show came to an end “thank you thank you ” said the host in a proud voice. People throwing bouquets of flowers in the air onto the stage clapping and cheering excitedly.