June 28

the story of john blake

In the icy cold of Antarctica john Blake sitting behind the steering wheel not steering was in trouble. He was as terrified as a kid about to get hit in the head he screamed”aaaahhhh”. flicker flicker the lights start to flash the boot opened and i suddenly stopped. I came here but why am I going to survive?. Cautiously he opened the door freezing his poor body and started pushing the car. He was stunned he could push the big Holden Ute. Whats that smell it smells like an alive animal or bear “aaaahhhh” its a white viscous angry looking bear clawed feet big eyes and big teeth and a horribly large belly that i could fit in” “aaaahhhh”. Standing up looking angry the bear through itself onto the car and dented it. He looked at his watch the time was 12 o’clock lunch time he was hungry so he ran left his Ute and ran for his  life.

“so i ran and that’s the end of the story ” spoke john telling his story

“wow dad that was awesome” spoke his children.

June 20

Remember The Day I Met You

On the 26th of February 2012 I met someone rather special or rather indeed imaginary. Someone who had amazing talent or extraordinary movement, but today was the best. The day we met, I was at the circus and I got called up to be the special guest with the elephant doing contortion, I had to sit in a box and put on a blind fold ” Then the elephant delivered his speech” “I will only take up this much space in the box” “wow” The crowd roared and gasped with clapping and cheering.Well now were together and that’s that it can’t change.

June 7

The chase

The day started when I got an invite to be on the red carpet, I was so excited, I was pumped. When I got there all I could think about was the beautiful velvety carpet under my feet. But just when I stepped onto the red carpet a Heep of police cars pulled up and people chased after me that’s when I knew I should run. I sprinted as fast as I could I didn’t know why they were chasing me, but I still ran. Then I stopped’ I stood there with my arms in hand-cuffs. So I explained everything to them. why am I a celebrity?

May 29

My tired eyes

It all started when i woke up this morning my eyes were bloodshot i was up all night. I thought i was going to sleep i saw something out my window, it was the sun “it burns” i screeched with my eyes still bloodshot. Every morning i take the dog out for a walk down to the creek . When we to the creek i sat down by the tree and took a nap but the ripples and splashes in the creek were soothing which kept me from waking up to the sound of my dog bark”woof ” what will i do.

May 22

The box fort

Jerry the raccoon has a box fort but not just any old box fort its in the sky. He lives in his box fort with Angelica and Mike his mum and dad. Every day they embarrass him saying he was naughty at school.

“come here” yells Jerry

sitting lazily in her chair  she say’s ” i’ll be right there”

Jerry’s always wanting  Angelica to check his homework’ he’s in year 6. and he’s always in a different room this box fort is so big each person has about 4 bedrooms at least. A  leaf truck went by we missed it’s the ice cream truck but its a leaf.

May 15

The forest is alive

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night with a chill down her spine. The branches of the thick, tangled trees had spread and twisted to form dark overhead tunnels and created secret paths. The dead branches rose up and gasped at her ankles like bony fingers. The years had not been kind to her and decay was obvious in the face covered in wrinkles like thin, crumpled paper. The curly twisted vines and trees wrapped around her pale skin. She huddled in the darkness, listening for any sound to guide her. It was impossible to move quickly through the webbed and tangled trees and bushes.she made it.

April 30

The wolf howl

It was the day before the full moon. The greedy mean wolf’s were ready for their howl. I was not. My friends and I were going out to the farm tonight. We’re camping out at the old leany tree out in the back paddock. Then it came the night we were all set up. We were ready for the howl. Waiting and waiting for the howl. Hours past it was getting late when nothing had happened. It became dark and we hadn’t heard one howl. “Something’s wrong” my friend said, “it’s not them it’s us, we can’t hear them”. Oh!











March 14

toilet paper no more 🚽🧻

“help me i’m freaking out”, “what about” i say “there’s no toilet paper in the shops and i’m busting for a wee” said John. all the shops had run out of toilet paper it’s as terrifying as a lion roaring at a fearsome creature. but little does he know there’s something he might need down at the back of the cupboard. “let’s have dinner” i say  to john. “i’m trying to hold on” he said. “ill get the soup from the back cupboard” john said. his eyes glistened “toilet paper” he found the toilet paper now all he can do is go to the toilet. “tea time”.

March 7

That ghost

The dew spread from blade to blade clinging to the grass and hedges like a shimmering spiders web. i’m going to scare this little boy i said with a gowning voice. i popped my hand up all i heard was ahhhhhhhhh he darted and dogged through the trees. blundering and slipping he fought his way through the undergrowth. he’s out of here i said with a chuckling voice and my little ghost friend. unable to scare  any more he took of his glasses pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. it was night i said with a sigh.

February 28

The dwarfs find me

whats that a rubbish bin I look up with my eyes wide open and the glisten of the sun shinning brightly in my eyes. Its a door a wooden door its man-maid even better. But that’s not the only thing that’s catching my eye a doorbell were have I seen it before. I open the door with fear filling my little bird brain. I step in the the creepy wooden door. I’m in a basement as I rub my fingers on the wooden walls ouch a splinter in my finger I need a band aid. I’m going home that’s it.