August 15

straya mate

Here in Australia it’s cold and we need an umbrella most of the time. In my place we grow a yellow bristle cactus and we take care of a zebra. The scrawny looking brainy atrociously smelly dog crept up behind me and scared the jeebys out of me why do people scare me i mean dogs scare me. This is the best day of my life not come on why can’t a simple day just be a simple day “why?”. I want a normal day god can you help me please. Shaylah  “yes” i want a normal day help me.

August 15


The day started when I was walking down the road with my scrawny looking dog and I saw a barber shop i had never seen a barber shop before it was very intriguing. Bong I hit the pole call 000 its an emergency i yelled out with great fear but when i looked behind me i saw a paramedic standing their asking me questions “your going to jail he said for calling emergency services for no reason” said the police  why is there a police i needed a paramedic  locked up in a jail sell was not very fun at all.

August 3

Ferry sinks

“Just the normal ferry job how hard could it be” spoke just a random bloke looking for a job. He is at the wheel doing his first test on the edge of gram city but he has to  take it to the other side of the river . Slowly driving the ferry to the other side it takes so long. As slow as a turtle i slowly drove across what felt like the Atlantic. Its about 12:00 o’clock lunch time 5 minutes in . This ferry is fabulous amazing it is a blue and grey  ferry the brand is ferri. Crash we hit the edge the front of the boat sinks i go down all the cars fall and slip i think i might be fired?

August 1

The funniest show ever

“Tonight you will be watching ‘The funniest show ever'” spoke the host of the tonight theater. The curtains closed the lights went of “and now its time for the first performance of the night the clowns” one after the other words came out of his mouth speaking faster and faster then the crowd erupted with laughter. The clowns look crude its like there trying to be rude. Then the show came to an end “thank you thank you ” said the host in a proud voice. People throwing bouquets of flowers in the air onto the stage clapping and cheering excitedly.

July 24

The movies🎟🍿

Today i’m going to the movies but the thing is i’m scared of the dark i’m petrified. My friend doesn’t know and shes coming with me. Her name is Eliza shes a bit of a crazy person but don’t tell her i said that. She always tells me to put my phone on airplane mode. The movie were watching is called escape to the dungeon terrifying right.

“ill get the popcorn”

said Eliza  in a soft voice. The movies about to start i’m actually not scared i’m excited then it began. After the movie Eliza said

“wow that was great”


June 28

the story of john blake

In the icy cold of Antarctica john Blake sitting behind the steering wheel not steering was in trouble. He was as terrified as a kid about to get hit in the head he screamed”aaaahhhh”. flicker flicker the lights start to flash the boot opened and i suddenly stopped. I came here but why am I going to survive?. Cautiously he opened the door freezing his poor body and started pushing the car. He was stunned he could push the big Holden Ute. Whats that smell it smells like an alive animal or bear “aaaahhhh” its a white viscous angry looking bear clawed feet big eyes and big teeth and a horribly large belly that i could fit in” “aaaahhhh”. Standing up looking angry the bear through itself onto the car and dented it. He looked at his watch the time was 12 o’clock lunch time he was hungry so he ran left his Ute and ran for his  life.

“so i ran and that’s the end of the story ” spoke john telling his story

“wow dad that was awesome” spoke his children.

June 20

Remember The Day I Met You

On the 26th of February 2012 I met someone rather special or rather indeed imaginary. Someone who had amazing talent or extraordinary movement, but today was the best. The day we met, I was at the circus and I got called up to be the special guest with the elephant doing contortion, I had to sit in a box and put on a blind fold ” Then the elephant delivered his speech” “I will only take up this much space in the box” “wow” The crowd roared and gasped with clapping and cheering.Well now were together and that’s that it can’t change.

June 7

The chase

The day started when I got an invite to be on the red carpet, I was so excited, I was pumped. When I got there all I could think about was the beautiful velvety carpet under my feet. But just when I stepped onto the red carpet a Heep of police cars pulled up and people chased after me that’s when I knew I should run. I sprinted as fast as I could I didn’t know why they were chasing me, but I still ran. Then I stopped’ I stood there with my arms in hand-cuffs. So I explained everything to them. why am I a celebrity?

May 29

My tired eyes

It all started when i woke up this morning my eyes were bloodshot i was up all night. I thought i was going to sleep i saw something out my window, it was the sun “it burns” i screeched with my eyes still bloodshot. Every morning i take the dog out for a walk down to the creek . When we to the creek i sat down by the tree and took a nap but the ripples and splashes in the creek were soothing which kept me from waking up to the sound of my dog bark”woof ” what will i do.

May 22

The box fort

Jerry the raccoon has a box fort but not just any old box fort its in the sky. He lives in his box fort with Angelica and Mike his mum and dad. Every day they embarrass him saying he was naughty at school.

“come here” yells Jerry

sitting lazily in her chair  she say’s ” i’ll be right there”

Jerry’s always wanting  Angelica to check his homework’ he’s in year 6. and he’s always in a different room this box fort is so big each person has about 4 bedrooms at least. A  leaf truck went by we missed it’s the ice cream truck but its a leaf.