May 22

The box fort

Jerry the raccoon has a box fort but not just any old box fort its in the sky. He lives in his box fort with Angelica and Mike his mum and dad. Every day they embarrass him saying he was naughty at school.

“come here” yells Jerry

sitting lazily in her chair  she say’s ” i’ll be right there”

Jerry’s always wanting  Angelica to check his homework’ he’s in year 6. and he’s always in a different room this box fort is so big each person has about 4 bedrooms at least. A  leaf truck went by we missed it’s the ice cream truck but its a leaf.

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2 thoughts on “The box fort

  1. Mrs Pratt

    Hi Mia,

    A box fort, what a fantastic idea, I am still imagining what a box fort looks like! I love the idea of the fort being so big it can accommodate four bedrooms at least.

    I look forward to your next piece.


  2. Kerry Horan

    Hi Mia,
    Interesting use of the prompt words this week. I can just picture a little raccoon in a box fort. Next time be careful with your punctuation and capital letters to start sentences.
    Keep up the great writing.

    Mrs Horan

    Team 100WC

    Morrinsville, New Zealand


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